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Every month we treat our visitors to an extensive article where we keep you informed of the very latest news from the online casino industry. And especially the latest updates from software developers from the online casino industry. Because developers such as Betsoft , Microgaming and NetEnt release updates to existing games very regularly, but also very often launch new games ace96 casino. We investigated and made a selection for the month of June. Are you reading?

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Yes, this is an immediate entry into NetEnt this month. Because Streetfighter has a huge group of fans all over the world. Featuring eight of the original characters from the game, NetEnt has released a slot that is likely to become very popular. Street Fighter is of course about winning the fight against your opponent. And that is how it works on this slot machine, but slightly different. The winning combinations determine how much damage a character receives. The ultimate goal is to defeat all four bosses and then you can be crowned World Warrior Champion. The gameplay of the game is fun and the nostalgic aspect makes it, especially for the enthusiast, a cabinet that you should definitely try.

Gods of Gold: InfiniReels is now online and playable

Another new title from NetEnt is the Gods of Gold slot machine: InfiniReels. This three reel, three row slot machine is located in a tomb of a king. The fun and exciting thing about the slot machine is that if you spin a winning combination, a new reel appears on the right side of the playing field. On that reel, every win multiplies three times, so that’s extra exciting. The Win Spins feature on this slot is triggered when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels. Bryan Upton, director at NetEnt, indicates in a press statement that they have big plans for the concept of Gods of Gold. And not only with a successive series from this series, but he also refers to the platform that is technologically behind this slot machine.

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