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Quest To The West from Betsoft

Addictively fun, so are the first reactions to the newly launched slot machine from Betsoft: Quest To The West. What Betsoft is known for, they certainly live up to in this slot machine. Because the animations are again of unprecedented high quality and that is very nice to see. Although more nostalgic slotsare certainly also fun in its time, the graphic highlights on this slot machine stand out in a positive sense. Quest To The West has five reels and 25 paylines. With the Instant Win feature, you can win up to 1,260 times your stake. The Monkey King Walking Wilds are also a nice feature on the slot machine. If you manage to spin this wild symbol on the playing field, this symbol moves one space to the left every next turn, until it disappears from the playing field. This is extra interesting because if you get one or more symbols a bit on the right side of the playing field, you can have a number of rounds to win very nice amounts. The reactions to this oriental oriented slot machine are good and we are curious how popular this release from Betsoft will become.

Double recognition for Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft continues to build. As one of the largest software developers they have to uphold their reputation and that was recognized last month. Betsoft won double recognition on the 2020 EGR B2B Awards Shortlist. EGR is a leading content provider in the iGaming industry and Betsoft has been shortlisted for two coveted categories. The actual ceremony will normally take place during an exclusive and luxurious event, but due to the global corona crisis, the ceremony will take place online. The ceremony will be broadcast live via a direct video connection on 21 and 23 July 2020 . In addition to the awards, a number of leading people will speak and talk about the very latest developments, but also what they expect the future to look like.

Benefits of using free spins in your gambling

Benefits of using free spins in your gambling

A free spin is an extremely profitable way to win huge cash in your casino gambling. If you have enough luck, then you have a chance to become a millionaire. Even, if lost your luck there is a chance to win some exciting prizes and bonuses. While you winning free spins eclbet casino, you should never miss the free wager spins. Wagering requirements are the only hassle that may be stopping you from claiming your benefits of bonuses which is gain from the free spins. But while you using free wager spin, that helps to fulfill the need of wagering requirements. The free spins act as a lottery, of course, once you try out your luck it gives you an incredible incentive, bonuses, credit cores, free play, and so on. Make sure to choose the best casino bonuses before started playing the casino games on a specified website. Then focus on your gameplay to enhance your winning possibility. Do not forget to check out the bonuses which may be updated at any time. 

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Know the best way to claim an excellent range of money

The players are always looking for the best source to claim an excellent range of money. Most of the players are focus on the great incentives and bonus options provided by the casino. The casino players are also taking complete advantage of playing daily free spins. The daily free spins are a highly attractive and incredible option for many players. It provides a chance to stably win in your gambling. Even it is most important to achieve your gambling goal. The online casino is the most fun and entertaining source for the players because it provides a huge number of free games with the casino website. The casino website provides possible offers to the players to win the game. The players can get no deposit bonuses and free spins on the regular basis after getting started with the casino. 

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How to gain an excellent amount of real cash with bonuses?

The players can gain an excellent amount of real cash with the help of free spins as well as bonuses. The players have an outstanding chance to test their knowledge easily. Even the players understand the importance of getting such incredible bonuses to win their gambling. The gamblers win a stunning price, rewards, and cashback with the help of free spins. The gamers can make every gameplay more thrilling, fun, and entertaining with online casinos. It is necessary to spend their valuable time most happily. So, check the bonuses option which is offered on the website before playing the games. It helps more to win the game easier with your bonuses which you win. Bonuses are the best thing among gambling to win money. So, the player must try the bonuses and free spins to taste the real cash winning. daily free spins are an amazing choice for the player to make an excellent win. It allows the players to try out bonuses and games to improve their gaming skills, and experience.

Làm Việc Tại Casino, Tại Sao Không

Làm Việc Tại Casino, Tại Sao Không?

Làm việc trong những casino tráng lệ và chuyên nghiệp là mơ ước của không ít các bạn trẻ mới ra trường hoặc có đam mê với ngành casino đang ngày càng phát triển mạnh mẽ tại Việt Nam. Sau đây, bài viết sẽ đưa ra những gợi ý về những công việc bạn có thể làm trong game đánh bài casino và trở thành một nhân viên casino chuyên nghiệp.

Nhân viên chia bài (Hay còn gọi là Dealer)

Người chia bài (dealer) trong casino có nhiệm vụ vận hành một bàn chơi, ví dụ poker, thu và trả đồng xu hoặc tiền mặt cho người chơi. Để có thể trở thành một dealer trong casino, bạn phải trải qua một khóa đào tạo chuyên sâu và có kĩ năng nhanh nhẹn, hoạt bát, xử lý tình huống khôn khéo. Ngoài ra, bạn phải chịu được áp lực trong khi tiếp xúc với nhiều khách hàng và trở thành người làm chủ không khí trên bàn chơi.

Nhân viên giám sát

Nhân viên giám sát có trách nhiệm giám sát tất cả những hoạt động diễn ra tại casino. Hiện nay các casino đều trang bị những phương tiện công nghệ cao để đảm bảo không xảy ra bất kỳ hình thức gian lận hay trộm cắp nào trong khu vực. Để làm việc trong ngành này, bạn cần phải có kinh nghiệm làm việc và các chứng chỉ cần thiết https://vboss18.com/

Nhân viên sàn

Công việc chính của nhân viên sàn tại các casino là giám sát hoạt động của nhân viên và các bàn đấu trong một khoảng khu vực nhất định. Ngoài ra, nhân viên sàn có có trách nhiệm giải thích về quy định và nguyên tắc trên bàn chơi, xử lý các vấn đề xảy ra tại bàn chơi và giữa những người chơi.

Nhân viên Kế toán

Để trở thành kế toán trong các casino, bạn phải có kinh nghiệm làm việc tối thiểu từ 2- 3 năm, và có bằng tốt nghiệp Đại Học. Hoạt động tại các casino diễn ra liên tục theo giờ, vì thế, các casino đòi hỏi trình độ nghiệp vụ của kế toán rất khắt khe và chọn lọc.

Chuyên viên kỹ thuật

Chuyên viên kỹ thuật sẽ chịu trách nhiệm về việc lắp đặt và sửa chữa máy đánh bạc trong casino. Công việc này đòi hỏi bạn phải túc trực 24/24 khi các bàn chơi đang hoạt động để phục vụ sửa chữa nhanh nhất cho người chơi.

Đầu bếp và nhân viên pha chế

Tại các casino luôn có khu vực phục vụ đồ ăn và đồ uống cho khách tới chơi. Những người phụ trách công việc này ngoài kĩ năng về nghiệp vụ, cần có khả năng giao tiếp và ứng biến linh hoạt, chịu được áp lực dưới môi trường làm việc đặc biệt như các casino.


Môi trường casino là môi trường làm việc có tính phức tạp và đòi hỏi bạn có kỹ năng chuyên nghiệp. Đây là ngành công nghiệp có mức trả lương cao và hấp dẫn với những chương trình đào tạo nhân viên chuyên sâu trước khi tham gia làm việc. Hy vọng rằng, các bạn sẽ tìm được một vị trí làm việc mơ ước tại các casino.…

Games and Casino News

Every month we treat our visitors to an extensive article where we keep you informed of the very latest news from the online casino industry. And especially the latest updates from software developers from the online casino industry. Because developers such as Betsoft , Microgaming and NetEnt release updates to existing games very regularly, but also very often launch new games ace96 casino. We investigated and made a selection for the month of June. Are you reading?

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Yes, this is an immediate entry into NetEnt this month. Because Streetfighter has a huge group of fans all over the world. Featuring eight of the original characters from the game, NetEnt has released a slot that is likely to become very popular. Street Fighter is of course about winning the fight against your opponent. And that is how it works on this slot machine, but slightly different. The winning combinations determine how much damage a character receives. The ultimate goal is to defeat all four bosses and then you can be crowned World Warrior Champion. The gameplay of the game is fun and the nostalgic aspect makes it, especially for the enthusiast, a cabinet that you should definitely try.

Gods of Gold: InfiniReels is now online and playable

Another new title from NetEnt is the Gods of Gold slot machine: InfiniReels. This three reel, three row slot machine is located in a tomb of a king. The fun and exciting thing about the slot machine is that if you spin a winning combination, a new reel appears on the right side of the playing field. On that reel, every win multiplies three times, so that’s extra exciting. The Win Spins feature on this slot is triggered when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels. Bryan Upton, director at NetEnt, indicates in a press statement that they have big plans for the concept of Gods of Gold. And not only with a successive series from this series, but he also refers to the platform that is technologically behind this slot machine.

History of Cultural differences in Gambling

Historians explain the origins of many games and gaming supplies in China. But most of the gambling games we know today originated in Europe in the 17th century, especially in Italy and France. Gambling was still strongly linked to religion at the time. If you won, it was your fate or the will of God. Gambling games gradually became a feast for the nobility in particular. And only in the twentieth century did it spread widely among the population.

The history of gambling in America is linked to explorers’ pioneering. Emigrants brought the games to the new world, but without the historically developed social environment. There was no pressure from religion or the like. Americans played for fun in gaming houses, on casino boats, and the like.

The Chinese have come up with many games and gaming equipment, but they have always been against gambling. Or at least they were strictly forbidden by the government to gamble. They played mahjong for money, but mainly at home with friends and family. And they viewed it as a board game, not a gambling. That is how they looked at the popular national lottery.

Childhood memories

Another difference lies in the fact that Americans and Europeans are individualistic. While the Chinese focus more on the collective. Where the individualist’s own goals are central, the Chinese looks more at the interests of his family and environment.

This difference appeared to be reflected in the studies that gambling entrepreneurs had conducted. For example, participants in studies were asked about childhood memories. Americans and Europeans came up with detailed personal stories full of emotion. For the Chinese, on the other hand, they were mainly abstract stories of family gatherings.

First gambling experience

The first gaming and gambling experience also showed interesting differences in childhood memories. Young Americans mainly played board games (board games like Monopoly) and later gambling games like poker . For Europeans it turned out to be mainly board games and outdoor games such as marbles. However, their first gambling memory was seeing their parents buy a ticket, hoping to pay out a grand prize . The first gaming experience of the Chinese turned out to be very different in studies, from outdoor games to video games. However, their first gambling experience was seeing or playing Mahjong themselves.

Obviously, there were age differences in the demand for memories. One participant put the memory around the age of seven, another a little later. Yet there was a clear conclusion to be drawn when the first gambling experience took place. With Americans around the age of 7, Europeans around the 8th year and the Chinese around the 9th year.

Numerous cultural differences

The various studies gave a very broad picture of cultural differences. Numerous conclusions could be drawn from this. But translating it into an unambiguous casino concept where the three groups would feel at home was a completely different story.

An attempt to make that easy was the following, somewhat generalized marketing suggestion. Americans like competition. If they win, they want to be put in the spotlight. The social aspect of playing together is important here.

Europeans, especially from Central Europe, want to be caressed for their knowledge of the game. They prefer slot games where anyone can win, but where you have an edge if you can use a strategy or system . Exclusive spaces for good players help to underline their superiority.

Chinese also believe in advantage and exclusivity. For them, however, this is because one person is more fortunate than the other. Gambling is in principle a social activity for them. But due to a lack of experience with legal gambling, which has grown over generations, they go too far; in the event of a loss, they continue to play because happiness must eventually come. The 3win2u casino Thai casino must find ways to avoid losing face.

Make choices

Gambling entrepreneurs do not have it easy. The Americans who want to work in China and other Asian countries can perhaps suffice with a Chinese approach. Johann Graf’s Novomatic will find that differences exist even in Europe.

All in all, the entrepreneurs have found a way. And they still adapt it, because their world simply keeps moving. However, they do take more account of cultural differences in gambling. And they include the gambling history of countries and peoples in their decisions.…

Play Real Casino Over Online With The Multiple Player

How to choose the best online casino – European Gaming Industry News

Most of the people wish to spend a lot of time playing online casino games. Now the online casino malaysia bet online platform offers plenty of the new games which offer the number of bonus and cashback to the player. It is easier to get back the money on the same account on the same day itself. Then it can make use of the different users on a constant day. Even if you are new for the first time, they offer the number of the bonus and additional tips by the professional player, so it guides to play games in a winning manner. Suppose you are a new member to bet on the major online games. You have to search out the right site, which brings a huge bonus to play. 

The Connection Between Gambling and Substance Abuse - PsychGuides.com

Great welcome bonus:

Then they offer the major bonus, such as it allows the player to deposit a minimum amount of 200, 000 and they offer the promo, which is applicable to make use at a single time at the first deposit. The casino malaysia winbet2u offers a maximum prize up to 5,000,000 on winning the major games, but you ever access such a great amount on the other official betting website. It is built with the number of features, allowing betting the games safely and user-friendly. The bonus can apply to the initial deposit when the member can go for the deposit withdraws before reaching a 5-x amount. The games obtain special attention when compare with other games on the part of the casino platform.

 Updated with new casino games:

Then the promo code will be canceled by the respective website. The bonus will be given upon the reaching terms. At the same time, it offers around five percent on each week, and the amount will be credit will be updated on the respective credit within a short time. So you can feel free to go with the right online betting website that delivers the number of players to bet on the games. On having a website member, they provide the intimation for the different upcoming online casino games. Every day, this casino site update with the number of the new arrival and offer huge support at all time. 

 Win more cash:

The will the minimum number of percent up to Rs 100.000 and maximum percent Rs up to 10.000.000, so it will be more comfortable for the customer to access the right and effective bonus to make more money without meeting any risk. Then they allow depositing the money by providing the pre intimation so it will be highly safe and secured to bet over the online with the different online casino games. Therefore, you can enjoy playing games over the smartphone with multiple players. On the other hand, each winning amount gets transferred to the respective number of players once they win the game. Hence the winner can withdraw on the same day from this account. It is open at any time to deposit and play the games with a better option. 



Playing Football Betting On The Web

The stakes are high for Spain's gambling sector – European CEO

Most of the people are fond of placing bets on any kind of sport. These days, football is considered one of the most followed sports events by bettors and fans. You would see that there are bets, which are placing on all of the football sports. Nowadays, football gambling has taken a new route to internet technology. Now, you can easily start playing judi bola with the help of the internet. If you want to engage in football gambling odds, it all needs to have the internet. The odds in this kind of gambling have made it a lot simpler to consider the football bets for any event or game.  

8 Gambling Words That Hit It Big | Merriam-Webster

What do you need to do?

One of the first steps to get a lot of money is to register with an online bookmaker kelab711. While winning a lot of money, you can get a chance to have good and quality time. You need to make sure that it is one of the reliable methods. You need to determine whether the web football odds have been in working for a long time. Most of the sites are illegal. It depends on your research so that you can easily find out the best and safe site to place bets on football. 

After the creation of the account for online football gambling, it does not state that you must stop there. You need to get the constant news regarding football gambling if you wish to win money.

Currently, betting has become too advanced. Of course, they have become an important part of the game. You can place their bets by having access to the internet. With the internet, you can take the pleasure of many benefits of online football gambling. Of course, the judi bola online is very easy to play.  You need to create an account on the web. 


Why the football gambling is better than a traditional one? 

Of course, who does not want to play betting with the comfort of the home or office? Everyone wants to make the use of the internet to place bets on one of the popular sports events, that is, football. Now, you have a chance to change the mode of gambling and start using the online gambling method. 

By going online, one can easily access information related to online gambling. Another benefit to consider is that most football betting sites have software tools that are responsible to update fans on possible outcomes of a definite match. How exciting it is when you would get the entire information by sitting in front of the computer without going outside the home. So, have fun while betting on football.


It largely welcomes people from new parts in their online club and game and supports them. It keeps up the energy of the players and opens until the end of time. By and by the club is going with exceptional headways for all people whether they are in its enlistment or not. As of now, it is remembered for extraordinary among other internet betting clubs.